Shipping to Mexico

Your shipping to Mexico from the UK can be handled completely by Mercator’s export team. We can arrange a fully comprehensive export shipping service from your door in the UK through to door in Mexico. Thanks to our founding membership of MarcoPoloLine, we have a partner agent based in Mexico City who is able to handle the customs clearance, documentation and delivery in Mexico. Our export to Mexico services can also be part shipping services, depending upon the INCOTERM you have agreed with your customer. We can handle any term from FOB (free on board) through to full DDP (delivery, duty paid).

Sea freight vessel loaded with shipping containers

Sea Freight Shipping to Mexico

With weekly departures from various UK sea freight ports (including Tilbury and Felixstowe) to Mexico’s main port just outside Mexico City: Veracruz, our team have the established contacts and knowledge to get your shipment moving as soon as it is ready.  Transit times for sea freight shipping to Mexico from the UK are about 21 days, some services take a little longer depending upon routing and you will need to factor in time for UK export customs clearance, loading, unloading and customs clearance in Mexico.

Air Freight Shipping to Mexico

Our export team also handle air freight shipping to Mexico.  Departures are more regular than sea freight and take a matter of hours (if using a direct service – again, you will need to factor in time at both end of the shipment for clearance and loading/unloading).  Air freight to Mexico generally departs from Heathrow and arrives into Mexico City airport.  With daily departures, your air freight to Mexico can be at its destination in next to no time.

Trade with Mexico currently benefits from the UK-Mexico Trade Continuity Agreement.  It allows for preferential rates on some commodities providing origin is declared by use of a Certificate of Origin.  You can check any preferential tariff rates prior to shipping.

Sea freight shipping Vessel loading at port

LCL Shipping to Mexico

Choosing either air or sea freight will depend on how urgent your export to Mexico is, size and weight of the shipment will also have a factor to play in this decision.  If you have a shipment which is smaller than a full container, it is possible to select an LCL (less than container load) service to Mexico where your pallet(s) share a shipping container with other goods.  We handle all sizes of shipments to Mexico, from single pallets through to multiple shipping containers and even out of gauge shipping (on flat racks/open top containers, etc).  Mercator can handle your shipment to Mexico no matter how big or small it is.

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