Freight Forwarder Shipping Services to Saudi Arabia

When it comes to shipping to Saudi Arabia it is a sensible idea to appoint a reputable freight forwarder.  A freight forwarder can take care of everything for you, from collection of the goods in the UK, delivery to warehouse/port for packing, sea or air freight from the UK to Saudi Arabia, and clearance through customs in Saudi Arabia.

Mercator has been in the shipping and logistics industry for over twenty years, and recently we have seen an increase in export shipping from the UK to Saudi Arabia.  As such, our contacts for the chain of shipping from the UK to Saudi Arabia are a tried and tested route, so you know that your shipment will arrive safely and on time.  We are also able to assist and arrange of the necessary documents that you will require for exporting to Saudi Arabia.  This is why it is recommended to appoint a freight forwarder to handle your shipping as exporting to Saudi Arabia is strict and documentation needs to be accurate and present in order to avoid delaying the cargo and incurring extra charges.

We can offer comprehensive sea and air shipping options for your consignment.

If your shipment for Saudi Arabia is urgent then we can arrange air freight within a few days, the whole process taking under a week from door in the UK through to landing and customs clearance in Saudi Arabia.  This is a particularly useful option if you have small, light or delicate palletised cargo to ship to Saudi Arabia.

If you are on a tighter budget and you have a few more weeks to spare, then sea freight will probably be your preferred shipping method.  With around 5,000 miles between the UK and Saudi Arabia, your sea freight will take around two weeks.  Sea freight to Saudi Arabia is a great option if you have a bulky or heavy shipment.  Our cargo sizing options for sea freight  shipping to Saudi Arabia include LCL (less than container), FCL (full container) and various container sizes including 40 foot, 20 foot, open top and flat rack (the latter two only generally used for oversized cargo that will not fit into regular shipping container gauges).

Thanks to our founding membership of MarcoPoloLine – a global network of freight forwarders, we have personal freight forwarding contacts in Saudi Arabia who can arrange for the customs clearance of your shipment once it has arrived in one of the major ports: Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam (to name a few).

At Mercator Cargo, we handle various commercial cargo types for export to Saudi Arabia across all industries, have regular sailings (and daily departures) from the UK to Saudi Arabia, and a tried and tested supply chain – so why not appoint us to handle your next freight shipment from the UK to Saudi Arabia.

Once you have obtained a quote from us, are happy with it and choose us to handle your commercial shipping to Saudi Arabia, your shipment will be appointed to one of our experienced export team who will be your single point of contact, keep a close eye on your shipping progress and keep you informed regularly.

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