United Kingdom

Mercator handles UK import and export shipments on a daily basis. We are knowledgeable about sailing schedules, import customs procedures, and have a wealth of contacts across the globe to handle your shipment from door to door with no hassle.

Sea freight vessel loaded with shipping containers

UK Import & Export Shipments

When Mercator was founded in 1991, the bulk of the UK’s trade was import shipments.  Approximately half of all Mercator’s shipping consignments are still shipments to the UK involving UK customs clearance.  With this wealth of experience, you can assign the UK based freight forwarder to handle your shipping to the UK knowing that your cargo will be safe and will arrive on time.

Today we handle significantly more UK export cargo than ever before, with the main commodity being UK export machinery.

Air & Sea Freight to UK

Shipping to the UK can be undertaken either via sea freight, air freight, or road freight. The most popular method of transit with our customers is sea freight is it represents good value for money and sea freight doesn’t always take as long as you might expect. For example sea freight transit time from New York to the UK can be as little as 7 days.

Sea freight shipping Vessel loading at port

Why Mercator?

Mercator has contacts in 99 countries across the globe thanks to its founding membership of the freight forwarding network MarcoPoloLine. This means that we can arrange for your goods to be picked up in the origin country and delivered to the port.  Our UK based freight team can then book your shipment onto the next vessel to the UK on your behalf and arrange the customs clearance here in the UK.  Once any payments to HMRC have been cleared (we can also arrange this on your behalf), and customs have released the goods your shipment will be ready for collection and delivery to your door.

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