Export Sea Freight Shipping to Barbados

Shipping to Barbados from the UK

Mercator recently handled an export sea freight shipment to Barbados from the UK.  Our customer, who is based in Barbados, purchased goods from five different suppliers in the UK and wanted to ship them to Barbados in one shipping container. 

Consolidated Shipping to Barbados

Consolidating the goods into one shipment makes sense and it can save money on transport costs, it just requires a bit of extra organisation to get all of the goods to one warehouse.  In this instance, the customer purchased the goods whereby the UK supplier delivered the orders to the warehouse in the UK ready for export (FCA incoterm).  Once the five orders were present at our nominated warehouse, the warehouse staff loaded and lashed the container, ready for shipping. 

Commercial Shipping to Barbados

This particular shipment contained items for use in our customer’s sugar plantation.  There was a mixture of machinery, pallets, and a forklift truck.

Transit time to Barbados

There are weekly sea freight sailings from the UK to Bridgetown, Barbados.  Transits vary from 10 days direct from Portsmouth, up to 25 days from other major UK ports.  Your routing will be decided upon based on cost, urgency of shipment, location in the UK (and therefore the cost of haulage to the port) and space with the shipping lines.

Getting a Quote for Shipping to Barbados

If you have a commercial shipment for sea freight to Barbados from the UK, then get in touch with our export team who will happily provide you with a quote.  Please note we are unable to assist with any personal shipments.  Our team can be contacted by calling (+44) 02392 756 575, emailing sales@mercatorcargo.co.uk or completing the form below and someone will be in touch.

Request a Quote for Shipping to Barbados from the UK

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